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Click here to go to our new website. We are a complete vintage GMC Motor home maintenance facility specializing in the Classic TZE Series of "Class A", factory built, vintage GMC motor homes from the 1973 - 1978. Want to know the story of the Classic GMC Motorhome?  Click here     PBRAND NEW FIBERGLAS ITEM   We have re-created the front compartment side panels in fiberglas.  The original facotry molded plastic panels have dried out after 40 years and tend to crack and split. These panels can be painted to match your dash. FULLY EQUIPPED SHOP   Our shop is equipped with all the parts, tools, and expertise needed to restore, repair, maintain, and customize your GMC coach. Our lift is specially specified to safely raise and support our GMC coaches.  This is important when rebuilding suspension and chassis components. We have several service bays for heavy mechanical work such as engine and transmission rebuilding.  We perform complete air conditioning service and upgrades..  Your front dash air unit can be serviced or overhauled and upgraded for maximum performance.  Roof air units can be serviced or upgraded. Complete brake service and wheel bearing service should be performed at regular intervals for your safety and to prolong the life of your coach.  Ask us about upgrading your brakes to 6-wheel disc brakes.   Click here to learn more about our capabilities. NEW UPGRADES FOR IMPROVED SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE   Our engineering team is always looking for new product solutions to keep our GMC coaches functioning as well or better than new.  We have created several new parts that improve the handling or performance of the GMC coach.  COMPLETE AIR SUSPENSION REPLCEMENT OR UPGRADE PARTS  Air Suspension replacement Air Springs (GMC owners call them Air Bags) The original GM factory air suspension air springs (air bags) are no longer being manufactured so our engineers have designed a replacement system using currently available off the shelf air bags from Firestone.  Complete installation can be performed in our shop. The complete new installation kit for both sides includes all mounting hardware, four new Firestone air bags, remote fill valves, air distribution blocks, and cut-off valves.   Click here for more info on Air Bags and Air Suspension COMPLETE BRAKE SYSTEM REPLACEMENT OR UPGRADE PARTS -   We have engineered brake parts necessary to upgrade your braking system or replace with standard parts.   Upgrade your rear brakes to provide SIX WHEEL DISC BRAKES. New severe duty brake pads and shoes. Standard or upgrade brake calipers. Standard or upgrade Wheel Cylinders. Engineered and improved Master cylinders and Brake Boosters Disc Brake Rotors      Upgrade Calipers    Brake Booster    Drums Brake Shoes CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON STANDARD AND UPGRADE BRAKE PARTS CO OL NE W EX TE RI OR ITE M REPLACEMENT FRONT WINDOWS FOR DRIVER AND CO-PILOT WITH LARGE VENT PANES   Replace your original front vent driver and co-pilot windows (also called “toll windows”) with the new, full-height sliding windows.  Makes paying tolls and pullingtickets from parking or toll machines an easy matter.  No more having to run around the front of your coach to pull a toll ticket from a ticket machine! Click Here for more info on Parts TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR IMPROVED TIRE SAFETY:  AIR-ALERT   We are always looking for new products that will improve the safety and dependability of our vintage and new vehicles. This new product is Air-Alert, an economical and easy to install active TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). Call us for pricing.  List price is $24.95/ wheel.  Discount for club members. Don’t forget to buy enough for your towed vehicle, tow dolly, or trailer. The Air-Alert can be quickly installed and we will be glad to install them for you in our shop. It works with any tire pressure from 10-200 psi Excellent alternative to replacing expensive failed sensors in factory TPMS systems. Unit is guaranteed for two years, but usually operates for up to 5 years.  It is suggested you install new Air-Alert monitoring caps whenever you install new tires. Click here for more info on Air-Alert REPLACEMENT “T”- SKIRTS -   Correct replacement for original factory provided fender skirt that fits between the rear wheels on each side of the GMC coach.   These are often lost or damaged in  a rear tire blowout at speed. Finished in white…ready to accept paint.   Click Here for more info on Fiberglas Parts MODERNIZE AND UPDATE YOUR COACH  Many new, upgrade parts have been created to so that your coach may be updated for safety, dependability, and comfort. Our cabinet and furniture shop:  Refurbish or upgrade your interior with new cabinets, counter tops, headliner, flat screen TV mounts. Body repairs and paint work:  Make your tired or ordinary coach look like new or better than new!  New paint schemes can make your coach look really classic original or ultra modern.  New bumpers, bumper fillers, or Fiberglas bumpers can really enhance the appearance of your coach. Click here to take a look at some ideas that other GMC owners have for Customizing. CAMPGROUND  Come and camp with us in our shaded, on-site campground.  Stay overnight with us and have your coach serviced in our shop. Six sites under the trees include electrical and water hook-ups.  Check out our Campground here. PLACE ORDERS   Please pick up the phone and call us for price and availability or contact us with any questions or to place orders for parts or service… Sales: Ask for Jeff or Norma - (863) 763-1121 E-MAIL your inquiries or questionssirum@gmcmh.com HOW DO YOU LIKE OUR NEW WEBSITE?     Please give us your feedback.  The website is under development; new items and pages are constantly being added.  We appreciate any ideas or suggestions.  Feel free to help us find any errors or typo’s…we do enjoy your comments. E-MAIL your comments to Webmaster Mel.Lakeside@gmail.com or to Jeff:  Sirum@gmcmh.com RATE OUR SHOP   After having work performed in our shop, please visit this site to leave your comments and give us a rating.  Rate this shop WEBSITE RECENTLY UPDATED:   7/21/2016        
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