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COMPLETE BRAKING SYSTEM and UPGRADES-   Brake System Parts are engineered for direct replacement or upgrade.  It is important to use the best quality brake parts when we are stopping a 12,000 lb vehicle.   The Original braking system featured disc brakes on the two front wheels and drum brake units on the four rear wheels.   We provide all parts needed to service and maintain the original braking system.  FRONT BRAKE UPGRADES-  Front brake upgrade involves changing to a larger diameter caliper.  This provides additional hydraulic fluid pressure to the front disc brakes.   We recommend “Severe Duty” brake pads for additional fade resistance and stopping power.  REAR BRAKE UPGRADES-  Four drum brake upgrades involves changing the wheel cylinders to a larger diameter to provide additional braking power to the leading rear wheel on each bogie. The trailing wheel retains the original diameter wheel cylinder which provides balanced braking and prevents locking up and “dragging” the rear tires. We strongly recommend “Severe Duty” brake shoes for additional fade resistance and stopping power.  SIX DISC BRAKE UPGRADE-  The ultimate braking system upgrade involves putting the larger diameter calipers on the front wheels and changing the four rear drum brakes to four disc brake units. Owners report superior stopping power and much greater fade resistance in mountain driving. We strongly recommend “Severe Duty” brake pads for additional fade resistance and stopping power.   •	Front Brake parts  o	Disc Brake Rotors  o	Original brake calipers. Core required. o	Upgrade to larger diameter engineered brake calipers. Core required o	Front stainless brake hoses  o	Severe duty brake pads.  These fit either original or upgrade calipers. o	Brake distribution valve o	Front Steering Knuckle and Hub.  Core required.                 •	Front Steering Knuckle and Hub  o	Steering Knuckle and Hub.  Cores required.  May need to be replaced if wear shows on either Hub or Knuckle. o	Timken wheel bearings.  Should be re-packed when brakes are serviced.  Replace if there is wear showing on Hub or Knuckle. o	Grease seals for wheel bearings             									 				       			  •	Rear Brake Parts.  o	Engineered replacement brake drums o	Standard wheel cylinders o	Upgrade wheel cylinders.  Install these on the front set of rear wheels.  Use standard wheel cylinders on the rear set of rear wheels for improved balanced braking. o	Severe duty brake shoes.  These work with standard and upgrade wheel cylinders. o	Stainless rear brake hoses o	Upgrade to rear disc brakes.  Complete kits available as well as individual parts. •	                   		Rear Brake Drums															Severe Duty Rear Brake Shoes         Stainless braided rear brake hoses   EMERGENCY OR PARKING BRAKE •	Note:  Emergency or parking brake is designed to operate on rear drum brakes. •	New brake actuator cables are available, as well as all fittings.    Brake Booster and Master Cylinder •	Engineered Brake Booster. We use original factory booster cores and re-build to original factory specs.  Core required. o	Standard duty booster o	Sensitized booster for same braking pressure with lower pedal effort. •	New Master Cylinder engineered to match original equipment fit and performance.                   Remanufactured Brake Booster
BRAKE PARTS FOR IMPROVED SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE  Our engineering team is always looking for new product solutions to keep our GMC coaches functioning as well or better than new.  We have created several new parts that improve the safety, handling or performance of the GMC coach. 
Front Steering Knuckle Front Wheel Hub     Timken Wheel Bearings Wheel Bearing Grease Seals
Disc Brake Rotors      Disc Brake Calipers        Stainless Braided Brake Hoses Brake Distribution Block
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